Button solutions

According to EUR-LEX, the button in the merchant's store for submitting the purchase needs to have a clear name for the actual action - that the customer is about to make a purchase and attach itself to pay for a service and/or product.

Not complying with this regulation may mean

  • legal consequences - for example a warning from prosecutors
  • financial loss - orders may be disputed by the customers

A merchant with incorrect buttons can not go live.

Approved button solutions

The name of the button must be as specific as possible.

It is important to inform the end customers that their actions will commit them to pay for the order.

Not ApprovedApproved
AnmeldungZahlungspflichtig bestellen
weiterKostenpflichtig bestellen
bestellenZahlungspflichtigen Vertrag schließen
Bestellung abgebenKaufen
Bestellung abschließen-

More information

More information and white paperis available from Trusted Shops: