Integration guidelines - Klarna´s payment methods

The purpose of this page is to define and show how you should visually present Klarna to optimize the purchase journey. Once you've done this, you'll never have to update your Klarna logotype or payment method badge again. We host them for you, ensuring maximum availability and fast loading times.

We have divided the guidelines in two areas:

  • Before checkout
  • During checkout

Note: These instructions are important, as you have agreed to follow them as part of your Merchant Agreement.

Before checkout

In order to increase conversion, make sure your homepage and product pages have the right assets. Click here to find out more.

During checkout - increase checkout conversion with the right payment method presentation

Klarna offers three payment methods to cover all consumer needs - Pay now, Pay later and Slice it. Each payment method is associated with a badge which includes a unique icon together with the Klarna logo. Availability of  Pay now as a standalone payment method varies from country to country. Please contact Klarna directly for further information.

Pay now

Pay later

Slice it

Customers who want to pay in full at checkout can do it quickly and securely with Klarnas Pay now-option - using credit/debit card or Klarna Direkt, Sofort, SEPA, Direct Debit.The option to buy now and pay later makes buying quicker and easier for customers: no need to fill out lengthy personal details or card numbers online.Your customers can spread the cost of their purchases at a low interest rate, giving them flexibility and increased purchasing power. Our unique credit application requires minimal information and takes just seconds to complete

Instant payments options:

Direct bank transfer

Card (Visa, MasterCard)

Buy now. Pay later options:

Pay in x days

Pay at the end of (month x)

Financing options:

Installment plans

Flexible financing plans

(international example: actual assets per country below)

Use these links to display the badges:

Copy URL​


Copy URL


Copy URL

How to display Klarna's payment methods in your checkout.

The way you will present the payment methods depends on the type of checkout structure you are currently using. Headline/text, tagline and badge. Badge only. Headline/text-only. Our recommended/best practice option is a combination of headline/text, tagline and badge.


Best practice version: Use our Headlines & Descriptions together with the badge

Here you find all local versions of Headlines & Descriptions that you can easily copy and paste. These words have been tried and tested to optimise conversions in your checkout (we keep testing them to always be optimised)

A. We offer three payment methods – Pay now, Pay later and Slice it

Pay now is formerly known as "SOFORT" 

Pay later and Slice it is formerly known as Invoice, Rechnung, Flexible Laufzeit – Raten und Laufzeit selbst bestimmen, [monthly_cost] € / Monat (variabel) in X Raten.

The local language presentations used in the image above are the actual words that you should use in your checkout. These have been tried and tested to optimise conversion in your checkout (and we keep testing them to always be optimised).

B. “Account – pay at your own pace” is presented under Slice it

C. Only present three fixed part payment options
Make sure they’re sorted in ascending/descending order. Three is the magic number. Never more.

D. Make sure all the payment options are visible in the checkout
Consumers should be able to choose in a single click. No nestling or sub-bundling of payment alternatives.

E. Only one Klarna badge

Each payment method has a corresponding badge which contains a unique icon and Klarna logo 


F. Detailed payment method information
When presenting our payment methods to consumers, there are certain demands on what needs to be communicated. Especially for those products classified as credit products. Please refer to attached guidelines where we to our best ability have interpreted local laws and provide our recommendations on how our products should be presented, on detailed level.

Do you have a checkout with only badges or only text?

For this type of scenario, we suggest to use another version of the badge which includes the name of the product and Klarnas unique icon (descriptive badge)


Use these links to display the badges:

Copy URL


Copy URL


  • Only text or using a dropdown list

For this type of scenario, in which you won’t be able to include any type of badges or logos, Klarnas recommendation is to use another version of the payment method name, in order to highlight Klarna as provider of the payment method.

Link to find all local versions of copy to use when you don’t have any badge

Payment communication

After purchase the customer needs to be informed of what they can expect both from your e-store and from Klarna. To make this simpler, we have put together a document where you will find what to communicate and when.