Test credentials

Please use these credentials to test your integration with Klarna. Klarna will not pay for the invoices created with test persons nor test companies, and will not collect any fees for these invoices.

  • Testing environment: payment.testdrive.klarna.com
  • Port: 443
  • Merchant ID (eid) and shared secret: Please use the Merchant ID (eid) and shared secret provided to you by Klarna. If you have not yet obtained your merchant ID, please apply for API credentials


Private person 

Date of Birth0707196007071960
First NameTestperson-deTestperson-de
Last NameApprovedDenied
House Number1414
Zip Code4146041460
Phone Number0152211335601522113356
For a pending flow, please use the approved test person with one of these emails:
Pending → Approvedpending_accepted@klarna.comNot available for the pending flow
Pending → Deniedpending_denied@klarna.comNot available for the pending flow