Integration Requirements Guidelines - Sofort Payment Method 

The purpose of this page is to define and show how you should visually present the Sofort product, a Klarna group payment method, to optimize the purchase journey. Once you've done this, you'll never have to update your Klarna logotype or payment method badge again. We host them for you, ensuring maximum availability and fast loading times.



Download a PDF of these Guidelines:

Step I: Checkout

Sofort payment badges for your checkout.

For Sofort we offer different options for implementing the payment method in your checkout.

Sofort in your checkout:

Please replace old Sofort logos in your checkout with the new payment badge for "Pay now" and the replace the old Sofort logos with the Klarna logotype in all other places on your site:


How to display Sofort at the time of purchase:

  • Option 1: Checkout with payment badge and text

Download texts in all languages here.

(example image: actual assets below)




Przelew elektroniczny.



Virement bancaire.



Online overschrijving.


Bonifico Bancario.



UKOnline bank transfer.


  • Option 2: Checkout without text

(example image: actual assets below)











  • Option 3: Checkout with only text

(example image: actual assets below)

For this type of scenario, in which you won’t be able to include any type of badges or logos, our recommendation is to use another version of the Pay now payment method name.

Link to find all local versions of copy to use when you don’t have any badge


Step II: Placement on homepage

New logo

Sofort GmbH is a member of the Klarna Group.Therefore, please replace all the Sofort logos that exist pre- or post-checkout with the new Klarna logo.




We recommend that the Klarna logo displayed at your site is between 100-300 px. Note that you should not add px after the size parameter.

Add the Klarna logo to the payment methods.


Why is Sofort changing? What is re-branding?

In 2014 Sofort was acquired by Klarna and the Klarna Group was established. Much has happened over the last few years, and the Klarna Group is now the leading payment company in Europe. Now we want to take a step further and create a unified visual image under the Klarna umbrella. In the future, Sofort and Klarna will have one logo and the Sofort-products will be visually integrated to the Klarna product range. Also the name “SOFORT Überweisung” will change to “Sofort” and local translations for each country respectively. 

Do I have to change the integration?

No. The Sofort products will be optically integrated into the Klarna product world, technically nothing will change.

Where can I find the new logo/ banner?

All the information that you need for changing the logos, banners, badges and icons can be found in our Brand Portal

What is a badge/ icon?

A badge or icon is the symbol that visually represents the payment methods in the online shop's checkout. In turn, the logo represents the brand and will be in the header or footer of the online shop.

Do I have to swap the old logo for a new one?

Yes. You must replace all logos, banners and badges/icons. The links to downloads and any further information can be found in the Brand Portal.

Will my contractual relationship change?

Sofort GmbH will remain your contractual partner. Therefore neither the contractual relationship nor the agreed terms and conditions will change.

Do I need to sign a new contract?

No. You do not need to enter into a new contract. Your current contract will remain in place. Neither the agreed terms and conditions nor the contractual relationship will change.

Will my contact person change?

No, your contact person at Klarna and Sofort will remain unchanged.

Who is Klarna?

Klarna Bank AB (publ) is a financial services provider based in Sweden. Klarna took over Sofort GmbH in 2014 and their German direct competitor BillPay in 2017. Klarna is now one of Europe's largest banks and offers payment solutions for 60 million consumers and over 70,000 merchants. At present, Klarna is active in 18 markets and has over 1,500 employees.

What does Klarna have to do with Sofort?

Sofort GmbH was taken over by Klarna in 2014. Since then, both companies have steadily grown together. It is now time for Klarna and Sofort to create a unified visual image under the Klarna umbrella.

Why has the colour of the payment form changed?

In the course of the re-branding Klarna and Sofort have changed their visual image, which is now unified under the Klarna umbrella. The Sofort products have been visually integrated into the new Klarna product range. For this reason the payment form is now pink.

Do I have to change logos for non-DE checkouts too?

The logos, badges and banners need to be changed for all countries. You will find everything you need for this in our Brand Portal.

Are any further logo changes planned?

We constantly scrutinise our functionality and our service. The re-branding is one major step in optimising the shopping and payment experience for our customers. At the moment there are no further integration or logo changes planned.

Are there new landing pages and texts to describe the payment method?

We will change the Klarna and Sofort logos in our touchpoints for you. To optimise the customer experience and create a uniform appearance we recommend you make the necessary changes in your own touchpoints. We have put together all downloads and information that you need for this in our brand portal.

When will the plugin changes be visible?

The re-branding goes live on August 28th 2017. This means that all our merchant and end customer hosted touchpoints will be changed on that day and the plugin changes will become visible.

Are the consumers still going to recognise that the product is the same?

Yes. To make sure of this we will inform our mutual customers from August 28th 2017 via newsletters, our website, social media channels and even the press. Don't worry - we are sure that your customers will understand that Sofort was the former Sofort Überweisung, even though the Sofort products have been visually integrated into the Klarna product range.

Will the product functionality change?

No. Sofort products will be visually integrated into the Klarna product range. With this the name SOFORT Überweisung will change to 'Sofort'. Technically however, nothing will change. Sofort can be used as normal and Sofort GmbH will remain your contractual partner.

Do you have any new promotional materials, which I can use to promote the same SOFORT product?

You will find all the promotional materials as well as any relevant information regarding our new re-branding in our Brand Portal.

What happens If I don't change the logo?

You don't want to make any changes? Your customers may be confused if they see the new design in other online shops and on our website, but in yours the logo is old. We have put together all downloads and information that you need for this in our brand portal.

Will you have an official day for the launch of the new Logo? If yes, when is that?

Yes, on August 28th 2017 our re-branding will go live. This means that all our merchant and end customer hosted touchpoints will be changed on that day.

Can I redirect my customers to your marketing site for more information on the change?

Yes. Your customers can find all the information regarding our services and our re-branding at At we will also inform customers about the re-branding and re-direct them to

Will the customers be informed of the change on the Logo?

Sofort and Klarna services are used by more than 60 million consumers. We will inform them about the re-branding from August 28th 2017 via newsletters, websites and social media channels. The re-branding will then be live. This means that all our merchant and end customer hosted touchpoints will be changed on that day. It is therefore very important that you also change to the new logo and badges.


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Special Partner Information

Please click here to download templates for informing your merchants about the rebranding.